Protest Stickers

november 12 2017
Continuum., Bordeaux

With projects by : Alice Raymond, Aline D’auria, Alizée Armet, Amandine Pierné, Angèle Laissue, Artistes anonymes multiples, Axel Ingé, Bastien Rousseau, Béatrice Hervot, Camila Oliveira Fairclough, Catherine Arbassette, Charles Cuccu, Christophe Doucet, Claude Closky, Clément Laigle, David Blasco, Didier Hébert-Guillon, Dominique Hugon, Elena Montesinos, Élise Gagnebin-de-Bons, Emmanuel Espinasse, Fanny Durand, Florent Contin-Roux, Giancarlo Mino, Gilles Furtwängler, Isabelle Merger, Jacques Duboux, Jeanne Tzaut, Jérôme Dumas, Joan Codelfy, Joe Turpin, Johanna Schipper, Jules Baudrillart, Julien Diez, Karim Forlin, Karinka Szabo-Detchart, Laurent Kropf, Luc Aubort, Marc Geneix, Maud Pollien, Muriel Rodolosse, Nicolas Geiser, Nicolas Muller, Nicolas Raufaste, Pierre Clément, Pierre Labat, Président Vertut, Raphaël Bariatti, Robert Machiri, Simon Feydieu, Simon Nicaise, Situation Sculpturale Spécialistes, Sophie Mouron, Stéphane Kropf, Tamara de Wehr, Thomas Lanfranchi, Tristan Dassonville, Vincent Kohler, 2 Zirp.

For continuum.’s first Birthday, independent art space in Bordeaux, continnum’s team organize a stickers exhibition called « PROTEST STICKERS ».
Without other curator than its address book and its network of friends, continuum. had invited anyone who wishes to make a proposal of an protest illustration which had be printed on a sticker in an edition of 6.
1 piece was sticked on the ceiling of the exhibition space.
5 pieces was spread by the audience. Who knows where.