Tristan Dassonville


Fr / Eng

Horror Vacui
graduation dissertation
printed in 10 copies
25,5x17,5 cm
170 pages

Abstract :

“This dissertation, entitled Horror vacui, is about filling emptiness. Filling the void of an entire space, an old story which brings us back to Aristotle and his famous quote «Nature abhors a vacuum ». But what kind of emptiness are we talking about ? Is it just a surface that we try to fill with patterns ? Is it just the life that we try to fill with meaning ? Or is it just this text that I am trying to get rid of. To address these issues, this dissertation begins with an analysis of decorative art, how it is used to make emptiness disappear, how filling an empty space with patterns makes the void fade away. Then I examine the meaning of filling up as a task: how filling creates purpose, how crafting patterns allows us to realise ourselves.
Finally, I wondered if finding a sense in filling emptiness was salient, if what is beyond understanding had to be nonsense; if we were to give up meaning for other senses, perhaps to regain sensation.”

Digital publication available on request (only in french).